adidas PURE GAME South Africa


PURE GAME South Africa

Take part in the Adidas Pure Game South Africa, a one-on-one street football competition played in a unique spherical steel cage.

Score points by kicking the ball between your opponents' legs. Simply “Olé ” your way through by displaying some dazzling footwork within the given time to win big!



GRAND FINALS           



Match Schedule

  1. 1st Prize

  2. RM2000 CASH

  3. RM1000 Voucher from adidas*

  4. One (1) 2010 South Africa special edition ball worth RM399

  5. 2nd Prize

  6. RM1000 CASH

  7. RM500 Voucher from adidas*

  8. One (1) 2010 South Africa special edition ball worth RM100

  9. 3rd Prize

  10. RM500 CASH

  11. RM200 Voucher from adidas*

  12. ONE (1) 2010 South Africa special edition ball worth RM100.

  1. Consolation Prize - (64 Finalists)

  2. ONE (1) adidas Limited Edition Cap

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  1. Olé your way to win cash and prizes worth RM12,000!

(Participant’s allocated match day and time will be notified via phone by organizer)

: 19th – 22nd MAY 2010

: 23rd MAY 2010

: 10:00AM – 10:00PM